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GardenABCs is a forum for parents, educators and community seeking guidance, resources, networking and support to start and maintain learning gardens.

Whether they’re school- or community-based, urban farms or native land restoration projects, gardens are valuable teaching tools.

The goal of this site is to bring people together to promote the environment, healthy eating, exercise, sustainability, self-reliance, core values, academics, and charitable giving through garden initiatives.

Our inspiration comes from years spent volunteering at a successful elementary school harvest garden, and the many incredibly talented and passionate educators, parents and advocates we’ve met along the way.

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"I would just like to say thank you for having such a wonderful resource available. This summer my daughter is going to start helping me with the garden and is very excited and wants to start as soon as we can, so together we've been researching all we can about gardening. While researching online we came across your garden abcs web site's Books, Blogs, Magazines, Websites page, which has great gardening resources and will be a great resource for her to learn from." Fawne Davis

"I just stumbled across your website for the first time today, and was thrilled to discover it. Thanks, and keep up the good work!"  Lauren Kaplan, The Battery Conservancy

"Your youth gardening page is a great resource! I oversee an after school youth program and we're in the process of collecting material for a gardening education guide, to prepare for a community garden project we're planning for the spring. Several of my young members found your youth gardening references very helpful and I just wanted to extend our many thanks for the great info!"   Cheryl Lawson, W. B. Goodwin Community Center

"You have a great website. I know that it must be a labor of love because of how extensive it is. Next I will look into funding resources!" Louise Forrest, Garden Facilitator, Healthy Waltham

"We'd like to reference your site for grant resources. Thanks for pulling this together. You do a great job!" Tom Trapp

"I just found your page, through a Google search and am so glad I did! Your website offers the best set of suggestions for a school garden I have found! Thank you."  Amy Lacey Rozycki

"Your website is beautiful. I am adding it to my resource page for schools." Ginny Roberts, Urban Gardens Program Director, Purdue Extension - Marion County

"What an awesome fun website!  We are going to use ideas from previous featured gardens in planning our gardens next year!  Thank you again!" Kathie Fuston, Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation

"Thank you again for making such a nice website...it's been very useful!" Morgan Suzie, third grade teacher

"I wanted to tell you that your resources are great... I do group tutoring and they really seem to enjoy it too." Kimberly McKnight ,http://www.teacherpage.com/kmcknight, Room #154

"I was looking for some gardening related resources and information... I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for helping me out." Erin Davis, Oak Forest Homeowners Association

"Last week, we were contacted by an extraordinary organization. They have compiled a very user-friendly website all about garden based learning, with a tremendous amount of resources for educators, parents, and horticulture enthusiasts of all stripes. The execution is marvelous, a real triumph. The site is very easy to use, and there is a wealth of information present." Editors, Cornell Garden-Based Learning blog

"I just wanted to comment on the great resources you have put together here. My class is starting an indoor herb activity and I found some great garden pages to share with them from your suggestions, thank you!" Kara Jennings, Monument Charter School

I'm a huge fan of your site. Gardening with children truly has endless benefits."  Becky Reid-Luis, Parent"I just wanted to comment on the great resources you have listed on GardenABCs. My class will be starting an indoor herb garden soon and I found a ton of helpful lessons and information from your site, thank you!"  Kelly Buckley, 5th Grade Teacher