Get kids involved in planning the garden.

Get Planning

Now’s the time to get your garden dreams and ideas on paper. Order seed catalogs and graph out garden possibilities.  Have students do the same to help create buy in and excitement for next year’s garden. 

Investigate Fundraising Opportunities

Raise money for your garden by selling copies of Our Generous Garden and Nuestra Huerta Generosa, a true story of children who start a vegetable garden at their school and change their community.  Contact us for details

Apply for Grants

Grants are offered for just about every kind of garden initiative, from teaching healthy eating habits to tolerance.  Explore the many grants out there, gather your information, and get writing.  Learn more.

Maintain Winter Habitats

If you have a bird habitat, it’s important to keep feeders clean and filled and provide clean, unfrozen water.  A BirdCam is a fun way to tie technology to the garden and let students see feathered visitors close-up.  By maintaining the habitat regularly, you’ll likely get more and more species of birds coming back every year.

copyright Anne Nagro