How-To Garden Articles

Digging in the soil is hands-on learning at its best.

Anne Nagro has been gardening with children -- both her own and as coordinator of a large school garden project -- for more than 15 years.  In these articles, she offers insights on some of the common challenges facing garden projects.  Happy reading! 

How to Start a Garden with Children: 5 Tips

Five easy tips for starting a garden with children, whether at home, school or in an after-school program. 

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How to Grow an Outdoor Classroom

As outdoor classrooms, gardens offer countless opportunities for experiential learning.  Creating one doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. 

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How to Grow Your Volunteer Community

Creating a garden is relatively easy. Growing a community to support it… well, that’s a different story. 

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How to Connect Digital and Natural Environments in the Garden

Children today are digital natives. Many don't have hands-on experience when it comes to the great outdoors. But instead of bemoaning this lack of connection with the natural world (a legitimate concern), let's use what they know --  technology -- to bridge the gap.  

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How to Grow an Easy Sensory Garden with Herbs

Herbs are the easiest “sensory” plant to grow in a garden.  Get ideas for incorporating them into your garden project.

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How to Spark Children's Curiosity in the Garden

Want to spark children's curiosity? Give them unstructured outdoor time.  

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How to Manage Weeds (and Our Favorite Tools for Doing So)

Weeding is a chore even the most avid gardener comes to dread. No matter your approach, it takes sweat equity. But there are ways to make it easier.

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How to Enjoy Winter in the Garden with Children

The garden is a magical place in winter, but you've got to get outdoors to enjoy it.  Put on your hats, gloves, boots and warm jackets, ready the hot chocolate for your return, and get out there. 

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