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A book reading featuring Our Generous Garden.

"I’ve used your book with one group of children (a garden club) and they absolutely loved it! They were really able to pull out the steps to building and maintaining a garden, which is excellent, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. It really empowered them and now, I use it almost as a reference book when I’m at the school. I’ll be using it again in April with a larger group of children at the same school (actually, the entire school over a few days). That event is an Earth Day celebration. I just wanted to let you know that your book is excellent and the kids responded really well to it."

Kitwana Pounsel-Lott, Nutrition Educator, Food Supplement Nutrition Education Program, University of Maryland

"What a gem. This is wonderful. Thank you." 

Eleanore Provencal, Connecticut Coordinator for Ag in the Classroom

"The duo of educational children’s books Our Generous Garden and its follow-up Our Super Garden are full of inspiration for small humans interested in super food and gardens. Illustrated with cool pop-art style photographs of other children getting their hands dirty and learning about gardening, the text is light but informative- great for elementary kids. A cool feature of the second book is the page-long list of fruits and veggies assorted by color, especially helpful when teaching children about healthy rainbow diets. The recipes in the back are nice for post farmer’s market trips or backyard garden harvests, and they allow for kid helpers. Michelle Obama might love Anne Nagro’s mission, and this set is perfect for the classroom, an afterschool program, or even a Saturday afternoon at home." 

Austin Chronicle -- read the article!

"This important and wonderfully illustrated book is a treasure."

Faith Middleton, WNPR 

"What Anne is doing is grass roots in the most original sense of the word..."

Martha Stewart Whole Living Radio Host Terri Trespicio, Sirius 112/XM 157

"I applaud you for teaching children the value of healthy eating and helping others... It is wonderful that the children are learning important lessons, but in a fun and exciting way -- you are truly an architect of change!"  

Maria Shriver, Former First Lady of California

"Teaching our children how to garden is as important as just about all the other stuff they get in school.   Anne has done an excellent job on this topic in Our Generous Garden.  This experience should be repeated in every school in the country.

Mel Bartholomew, Inventor and Author of Square Foot Gardening, the largest-selling garden book in America 

"A terrific resource for elementary-level educators wanting a classroom full of raised hands and green thumbs." 

Kirkus Discoveries

"Our Generous Garden tells the real-life story of a school vegetable garden in the central Midwest that has enriched the lives of an entire school community."

Lynn Hyndman, Healthy Schools Campaign

"Our Generous Garden presents a colorful success story of how parents, educators, and community members can work in close collaboration to make our children healthier."   

Rob Bisceglie, Executive Director, Action for Healthy Kids

"Our Generous Garden is a fine example of how children can share delightful garden experiences and lessons with their peers.  It encourages children to think about the little, but important things in life; eating right, exercising, nurturing and enjoying the great outdoors. The captivating story and innovative graphics grab your attention, while Anne Nagro cleverly sneaks fun facts into a floating lady bug caption." 

Nancy Kreith, Horticulture Program Coordinator, University of Illinois Extension and President, GreenNet, Chicago’s Greening Network

"Our Generous Garden is such a simple representation of the joy kids can experience with gardening, yet it touches upon so many complex issues such as respect for bugs and the environment, need for daily exercise, donating to the needy, good nutrition and cooking, and being part of a community. This book resonates the holistic framework of the farm to school approach, which encourages the use of local foods in schools, school gardens, nutrition and environmental education, farm tours, cooking demonstrations, and waste management and recycling, with the intention of building healthy kids, communities and farms. After reading this book, kids will surely want to get their hands dirty in a garden!"

Anupama Joshi, Director, National Farm to School Network, Center for Food & Justice

"Anne Nagro has captured an inspiring, real-life story of creating and exploring a school garden with Our Generous Garden. This book will be a great asset to teachers trying to get their students to think about what their garden might be like. Our Generous Garden has great examples of both what to grow and what to do with the harvested vegetables. Students will be excited!"

Jaime Zaplatosch, Education Coordinator, Openlands 

"Our Generous Garden conveys a large number of positive messages that all children can benefit from, and also teaches readers about the entire process of taking care of a garden.  This book does an outstanding job of highlighting the many wonderful achievements of Woodland Elementary’s real Harvest Garden."

Andy Blaul, Information Director, Lake County Farm Bureau 

"Our Generous Garden gets kids excited about gardening and healthy eating, an increasing concern with school administration.  The text is simple, factual and fun, and lends itself beautifully to peer learning.  Children really enjoy the "learning bug," which shows up from page to page.  I love how this garden's produce is given to a food bank.  What a feel-good concept to teach children!"

Marianne Bassett, Educator, PTO Executive Board MemberSchool Garden Volunteer 

"What a wonderful story for children to learn about the process of a garden, from the plan to the harvest.  It tells the children about the fresh air, fresh healthy food and that the bountiful harvest can be shared with the community.  Anyone who wants to teach the earth's amazing systems to children needs this book!"

Cheryl Pytlarz, Agricultural Educator

"One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is our love of nature and the outdoors.  Our Generous Garden helps us do just that and more as readers are also encouraged to share the delicious fruits of their gardening labor with neighbors in need.   This delightful book communicates important messages that could help improve children's health and foster future generations who love and care for the natural world." 

Marty Kenahan, former Leave No Child Indoors Regional Coordinator, Chicago

"In my four years as a volunteer in the Harvest Garden, I have heard kids say, "You can't eat something that grows out here on a plant!" and "I've never planted anything before!"  Kids have so little exposure to agriculture.  This book, from a child's perspective, is a great way for kids to learn about something that impacts their everyday lives."

Suzanne Cash, School Garden Parent Volunteer      



2010 Ohio Farm Bureau Children's Literature Award Nominee

State of Illinois Congressional Recognition - The Illinois House of Representatives recognized the children's book Our Generous Garden, used by Representative Sandy Cole in testimony to help pass the Farm Fresh Schools bill.

National Environmental Education Week's Green Reading List

Our Generous Garden was read to students in 1,500 classrooms as part of the Florida Healthy, Fit and Ready to Learn initiative sponsored by the Florida Departments of Education and Health.

Books were featured in the Huffington Post, Cafe Mom, Healthy Schools Campaign blog, Chicago Parent, TIME for Kids!, Branch (Project Learning Tree newsletter), Civil Eats, Horticulture magazine, Chicagoland Gardening, FB News (the official newspaper of the American Farm Bureau Federation) and more.